Ready for Motherhood to Feel Easier?

When we became moms for the first time, most of us expected it to be a blissful experience filled with a love we’d never experienced before. And while it is all that and more we quickly realized it’s also really freaking hard. Motherhood pushes our limits and tests our boundaries in a whole new way.

That’s why I’ve created these free resources below to help you through the hard parts. You’ll learn how to figure out what’s important to you, look at things from a new perspective, calm yourself so you can respond instead of react when you’re triggered by your child (or husband 😉) and create an intentional motherhood experience you love!

Question the Status Quo

We often live on default without questioning why we’re doing the things we’re doing to see if they even matter to us. It’s time to change that!

As you question why you’ll begin living with intention. Best of all, you’ll become a happier, more fulfilled human being!

  • Learn the 4 step process for living more intentionally
  • Includes examples for watching TV and telling your kids “no”

Define Motherhood for Yourself

SO many people tell us how to “do” motherhood that it becomes hard to listen to ourselves and follow our intuition. Not anymore!

This guide will help you get curious about where your ideas of how motherhood should look like came from and to start thinking about how you’d like things to look instead.

  • Includes 5 questions to ask yourself to start defining motherhood on your own terms
  • Includes 6 thoughts to practice to help you through the hard times

Yell Less and Connect More


In those super frustrating triggering moments it’s hard not to yell, but we also know it’s not the best way to handle things.

What your child really needs is connection with you and this resource will help you start taking steps to build that relationship with them.

  • Includes 4 strategies to respond compassionately to your child
  • Includes my CALM process to help you go from reacting to responding
  • Includes an audio meditation as well as a worksheet to walk you through those triggering moments

These Resources Are Just the Start!

If you’re ready for motherhood to feel easier and more enjoyable (like, yesterday) I’d love to talk about what that can look like for you. Taking this work deeper one on one will help you be present and enjoy motherhood now so you aren’t living with regret down the road when your children are grown and out of the house! You can book a call below to get started!



👋 Hi, I’m Melissa!

Your partner in motherhood

I’m a certified life coach and mentor, simple living enthusiast, and mom of two wonderful kids. Motherhood has been a rollercoaster of a ride for me that’s taken me on a journey from questioning myself and everything I did to fully trusting myself and knowing what’s right for me and my family.

It’s an ongoing evolution, this motherhood thing, and I want to help you rethink and simplify motherhood as you know it so you can savor this time you have with your kids. There’s enough going on in the world today, let’s make this motherhood thing as easy and enjoyable as possible for you!

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