Ready to go from chaos to calm?

Simplify motherhood and enjoy it again

Because they’re only young once!

This 1:1 heartfelt experience is right for you if: 

You’ve read all the parenting books and articles to try to solve your problems yet feel like the strategies don’t work and crave deeper support.

You’re sick and tired of repeating yourself and things still not getting done and wonder if your kids even hear you sometimes.

You desire to show up differently as a mom but it doesn’t feel possible for you and then you feel guilty about it.

How does it work?

Learn about my 5 step process and what to expect when you hire me as your partner in motherhood.

Step 1: Setting the Vision

Explore what motherhood has been like in the past, what it’s currently like, and what you want it to be like in the future.

Step 2: Heart Centered Motherhood

Discover the art of slowing down, questioning, and setting priorities as well as how to shift from your head to your heart and let it lead the way.

Step 3: Loving Your Feelings

Normalize the negative emotions that are part of motherhood and learn how to lean into them. Move away from people pleasing and perfectionism and take responsibility for what is yours.

Step 4: Be Your Own Best Friend

Truly take care of yourself and treat yourself with compassion and love. Examine your relationship with your partner and kids, your worthiness, and how to power up your self confidence as a mom.

Step 5: Motherhood Your Way

Design what motherhood is going to look like going forward and create strategies that work and feel good to you.

By the end of our time together, you’ll know exactly how to:


  • Finally get those parenting strategies you’ve read about to work
  • Remain calm even when it seems like no one is listening
  • Ditch the guilt and show up how you actually want to
  • Let the dishes and laundry be undone and actually relax and recharge
  • Love yourself even when you showed up in a less than desirable way (you’re human!)
  • Find the answers inside yourself instead of asking others or searching Google
  • And, most importantly, enjoy being a mom again!

What’s Included

3 month Coaching Experience



Weekly Sessions

1 hour a week completely dedicated to you and improving your experience of motherhood


Email Support

You can email me anytime between sessions and get support along the way


No Guilt Self Care Plan

A customized-for-you plan to allow you to take care of yourself first (guilt-free) so you can show up at your best for your family.


Motherhood Your Way Playbook

Personalized playbook made just for you. Created based on our sessions together, this will be your reminder of what to do, what’s important to you, and how to navigate motherhood when the going gets tough.

“Working with Melissa has been such an incredible investment! She helped me reframe my negative thoughts around my parenting and gave me the tools I need to manage my emotions when things feel hard. I feel so much more chilled out in my day-to-day parenting – I’m less worried and less hard on myself. I feel like I know what is important to me now and taking this time for myself has felt very nourishing!”


“Melissa is extremely attentive and compassionate. She takes the time to truly understand what you’re going through and give you the tools to change the negative feelings around whatever it is you’re dealing with while helping you develop the strengths you didn’t even realize you had.”

- Adrienne

Want to start enjoying motherhood again?

Investing in yourself not only changes your experience of motherhood, but it also flows through to your kids, too. And someday it will flow onto their kids…and on and on. You can change it all starting right now. Imagine when you start showing up differently as a mom – happier, lighter, more fun. Your kids will love seeing you smile again instead of always yelling and nagging them to pick up after themselves. Your partner will love your renewed “chill” and flexibility. And you will love the way you feel – full of confidence and connected to your family again.

“You heard and reflected back in a ’new’ way some of the things I said. You are very skilled at introducing possibilities without telling me what to do!”

- Janet

“Melissa has a very calming presence and holds space for you to work towards your own answers. She is an excellent listener and provides insightful questions that encourage you to get to the root of the issue. I felt greatly supported and finished the program with practical and actionable steps to take. I highly recommend Melissa!”

- Jane

👋 Hi, I’m Melissa!

Your partner in motherhood

I’m a certified life coach, simple living enthusiast, and mom of two wonderful kids. Motherhood has been a rollercoaster of a ride for me that’s taken me on a journey from questioning myself and everything I did to fully trusting myself and knowing what’s right for me and my family. It’s an ongoing evolution, this motherhood thing, and I want to help you rethink and simplify motherhood as you know it so you can savor this time you have with your kids. There’s enough going on in the world today, let’s make this motherhood thing as easy and enjoyable as possible!

Ready to get your journey to calm started?

What is coaching anyway?

Coaching is a way to solve your problems and reach your goals in motherhood and life. Coaching is where you tell me what’s going on and I point out your blind spots. I help you become aware of what’s going on right now in your motherhood and why and then we work together to get you to where you want to be. It’s low key and relaxed – think of it like us both sitting on the couch chatting as we sip our coffee and I’ll lovingly guide you along.

How is it different than therapy?

Therapy is past focused whereas life coaching is future focused. In coaching we aren’t examining the past and digging into what’s happening now because of it. We’re taking your life where you are and figuring out how to make it even better. Therapy and coaching do often work well together. If you are better suited for therapy I will let you know so no worries there!

Does it really work?

Yes! Coaching was the thing that finally changed things for me in my motherhood and life. I’ve seen it work on numerous clients and it’s amazing how eye opening it can be. We are so close to our struggles we tend not to see what’s actually happening. That’s why having me as an outsider looking in is so powerful. I see things you can’t see. My particular style of coaching is based on the cognitive behavioral approach which is backed by lots of science and research to prove its effectiveness.

I want to do it, but my partner isn’t on board, now what?

One of the things you’ll know how to do by the end of my program is to trust your intuition and make decisions for yourself. It’s wonderful to want his support, but at the end of the day, all you need is your own support to make this happen. You got this!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You have the option to make 2 payments of $750 (one at the beginning and one at the halfway point), or make 3 monthly payments of $500.

I want to do it, but I don’t know if I can afford it, now what?

Don’t just think about the cost now. Think of everything you stand to gain from investing in yourself. Your motherhood is going to completely change for the better AND you get to keep these skills and knowledge for LIFE! You making this decision changes your life and motherhood and you get to pass everything you learn onto your kids. This is creating generational change and it matters. Seriously, it’s the best investment you can make for yourself now and in the future!

What if I still have more questions?

No worries! Feel free to email me or schedule a free chat and we can work through your questions together.