Each time a baby is born the parents are embarking on a new adventure into the unknown and only want to do their best for the child’s future. Imagine for a moment if that child didn’t have any parents. What do you think their chances for success in life are? For feeling loved and cared for?

Obviously they would drastically go down, or maybe even be nonexistent. That is the sad truth for 26 million orphans worldwide. Less than 1% of these orphans will be adopted into families. That’s why how we care for them is crucial to their success and the future of our world.

I’m a firm believer that love and attention are two of the only things kids truly need to survive. That’s why it makes me so happy to see that Joshua Becker’s new non-profit organization, The Hope Effect, is focusing on just that for these orphans.

Through extensive research, he’s realized that the current institutionalized style orphanages don’t provide what kids need to thrive. His plan is to build smaller homes in a campus setting (2 adults to 8 kids) and mimic the family unit. This method will provide much more stimulation and attention to each child than they are receiving through the current model.

My 32nd birthday is exactly 1 month after the November 1st launch of this amazing organization, and I couldn’t think of a better way to support them than to donate my birthday. I’d love if you would check out my fundraising page and consider giving $32 for my 32nd, or any other amount that fits your budget. If that amount is $0, that’s okay too and I’d love for you to simply help me spread the word about The Hope Effect.

Together we can give others the things that come easy to us, but they haven’t yet had the chance to experience. What could be greater than that?

*Note: Research facts courtesy of The Hope Effect