SimpleREV is what I’ve been looking for – an opportunity to find my tribe. It’s a place to connect with like minded people around a shared interest. Society has made it hard to find each other since we go against the grain of all “they” tell us we must have. I’m looking forward to learning from others, while also being able to teach those newer to the simple living movement. It’s an ongoing challenge to stay strong against “The System” and this opportunity to build relationships with others will be a great resource to have when the going gets tough.

You should consider joining me if you want to learn how you, too, can live a meaningful life. The world today is hectic and crazy. It takes a purposeful effort to simplify your life, but when you see it through the benefits are amazing. Together we can create a happier, more intentional America – and it’s simpler than you think.

It’s time to shut down “The System” as we know it and make #SimpleRev the new “strived for.” It’s about getting to the core of our beings and uniting with others to create meaningful lives. I hope you will join me in MN this fall and be part of the start – I’d love to meet you and see how we can change the world together.

SimpleREV is the first ever gathering of simple living passionates. This new community is meeting in Minneapolis, MN for two action packed days in October. Learn more at