Image Courtesy of Michael R. Beck Photography

You have heard me talk about SimpleREV in the past, both before and after last year’s event. For those not familiar with SimpleREV, it is an annual gathering of open minded people from all walks of life coming together to have authentic conversations and build amazing connections around simplicity.

Some of my favorite things about SimpleREV are:

  • being with my tribe
  • securing my sense of belonging
  • connecting with like minded people and realizing we aren’t so crazy or alone
  • having resources to go to when going through tough times

I honestly feel like the meaning of life centers on authentic relationships and experiencing the depth they bring to your life. Life is about helping each other learn and grow as we evolve through our lives and working together to take simple steps to change the world for the better.

SimpleREV is also known as the crossroads between simplicity and community and the big ah-ha moment for me this year was realizing that that’s what I want Rethink Motherhood to be for moms. I want this space to become an intersection of simplicity and community for moms. Simplicity as it applies to parenting and a supportive community of moms helping each other instead of judging each other for making different choices (even though our kids are going to be fine either way).

So now SimpleREV 2015 has come and gone and I’m in the normal, but predictable, post SimpleREV blues. You see, this same thing happened to me last year, post SimpleREV. It’s a side effect of being immersed in a totally awesome, aligned environment for a few amazing days and then suddenly being pulled away from it. Your body craves something for so long, then it gets it, and then just like that it’s gone. It’s kind of like being in a utopian world and it’s super amazing and then it’s back to the harsh reality where there is still so much work to be done to change the world. Rethink Motherhood is going to be my small but mighty contribution to this effort. Are ya ready?

A huge shout out to Joel Zaslofsky (and his team) for dedicating himself to creating an awesome experience, sticking with it when the going was tough, and for all the positives it’s brought to my life as a result. Thank you, thank you, thank you!