I want to share my family’s not-so-simple journey to an intentional life with the hope that it will give you motivation to live more intentionally yourself. I want you to realize I was an ordinary person living the “template life” who took step after step to create a life I’m proud to live. I want you to understand that it’s not an overnight process. There is no arriving at a destination, it’s always an ongoing battle to keep things simple and intentional (even now). I hope you find inspiration in my story. I’m not proud of some of my past decisions, but it’s all part of the journey that’s gotten me to where I am today – and for that I am grateful.


  • Graduated college and bought first (oversized) house – 3,000+ sq ft for 2 people
  • Slowly accumulated stuff to fill all the rooms
  • Got married


  • Living the traditional, keeping up with the joneses life


  • Went part time at my 9-5 job to help with our side business and used my extra time to explore what I wanted out of life
  • Started slowly getting into minimalism and actively implementing what I was reading about


  • First big garage sale to get rid of the excess


  • Had a heart to heart with the husband where the possibility of full time self-employment was seriously considered for the first time
  • Started volunteering (and then working) for Girls on the Run (an amazing organization that was in line with what were quickly becoming our new values)
  • Thinking about starting a family and moving to a new school district – we looked at bigger, more expensive houses (in hindsight, I’m so glad this didn’t work out)
  • Vacation to St. John, USVI (where the experience of seeing the islanders so happy with the simple things further made us realize we were on the right path)


  • Met The Minimalists after which my husband completely got on board with taking the plunge to quit our jobs, jump into full time self-employment, and downsize our house
  • Tried to buy smaller house in IL (1,400 sq ft), but the deal fell through and our current house was already under contract
  • Couldn’t find another smaller house to fit our needs and had always talked about moving back to Oklahoma (where we went to college), so we decided to take a trip and see what options were in OK
  • Tossed around the idea of buying and living out of an RV while traveling the country since we were going to be location independent while running our website development business
  • RV trip to Oklahoma to find a smaller house and follow our dream
  • It was a double success because we found a house and we learned that while RV-ing is cool, we did not want to live in one permanently
  • Quit our jobs (still worked part time through the transition period)
  • Moved to Oklahoma (1,500 sq ft house – less than 1/2 the size of what we had)
  • Got pregnant
  • Felt secure enough to quit part time jobs and totally focus on self-employment


  • Had our first child
  • Started questioning if we should move back to Illinois so our son could grow up near family
  • Decided we wanted to move back to Illinois and listed our house for sale
  • House sold and moved back to Illinois (2,300 sq ft house)

This is where we are now and it’s a good compromise between the two extremes we had experienced (it may seem large, but all of us are home all day every day since we live and work from home)


  • Living intentionally is an ongoing process, even when you think you’ve “arrived”
  • Don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes – look at them as lessons learned and opportunities for growth
  • Take tiny steps to live intentionally, starting today
  • The process is hard, but so worth it!

If you are having trouble getting started or need a little guidance along the way please reach out to me. I’d love to help you live a more meaningful life!