Many people celebrate Valentine’s day with a dozen red roses, chocolate, and hot sex. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I much prefer my husband’s and my way of celebrating.

We pride ourselves on showing our love by not spending any money at all. Instead we save flowers for an unexpected, random day for no reason at all. Chocolate doesn’t have to only be for special occasions. And making passionate love when the urge strikes is way more enjoyable then doing it because you feel pressure on a “sexy” holiday.

Who makes this crap up anyway? It’s something society (and advertisers) have driven into our heads so much that now we believe it as fact. Women and girls around the country get depressed if they aren’t on the receiving end today.

Let’s think about what we should be celebrating on this “holiday.” In your wedding vows didn’t you vow to love each other in good times and bad, in sickness and health, and above all – ALL the days of your life? The vows didn’t say, “I will love you on the 14th of February because everyone else says I should.”

Here’s to loving our significant others every day. Remember to be grateful for their presence in your life every single day. If it happens to also be a night you feel the urge for some hot, passionate sex then Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

How will you celebrate Valentine’s day this year?