Hey mama!

Are you so consumed with mom guilt that you’re no longer enjoying motherhood?

Are you stuck in a cycle of feeling guilty for everything #momlife?

Things you do like yelling, letting them watch too many screens, and feeding them too much junk food.

And also things you don’t do like all the pinterest projects, cooking them healthy meals (chicken nuggets FTW. again.), and having an immaculate playroom.

You keep beating yourself up for every little thing until you find yourself not even enjoying being a mom anymore and wondering how you even got to this place.

Whether it’s society at large, our parents, or strangers at the grocery store it’s easy to feel that guilt wash over us when we feel like we’re doing something “wrong” – or simply like it could be done better.

There’s all the information on best practices so on one hand we feel like we should follow it, but it’s also overwhelming to try to do everything “perfect.” 

I mean, is it even possible?

We also have jobs, ourselves, and other responsibilities to manage on top of this whole motherhood thing.

It’s easy to feel guilty, frustrated, and not good enough these days.

What if I told you that it’s possible to start enjoying motherhood again? That you don’t have to feel like they’re growing up too fast and you’re wasting precious time with them?

It’s totally possible.

We are powerful beyond measure, if we choose to be.

Tell me, do you constantly feel like a “bad” mom?

Do you feel like your kid’s childhood is flying by?

Or perhaps, both?

People always say to you “you’re doing great” or “don’t feel bad” and those are nice and all, but it’s not as easy as just believing what they say.

YOU have to believe these things yourself or it doesn’t make a difference.

YOU get to decide that you are a good mom – no one else.

I know it sounds impossible now. But I help mamas do just that!

Let’s get your motherhood groove back!

I provide private 1:1 coaching that will give you precious time back with your kids. Because listen, they’re only young once and you deserve to enjoy this remarkable season of your life!

👋 Hi, I’m Melissa!

And I’m here to help guilt consumed mamas like you start enjoying motherhood again!

Okay…so what does coaching look like?

We’ll talk details during our first session, but here are some things to know:

I will...

  • Show up and hold space for you
  • Listen and give you perspective on how your thoughts are creating your results

You will...

  • Show up for yourself in a quiet place free of distractions
  • Come with an open mind
  • Be willing to be challenged and put in the work to change your life

This is NOT for you if...

  • You’re looking for a quick fix
  • You want someone to indulge in your misery

What do people say about the experience? 

Working with Melissa has been such an incredible investment! She helped me reframe my negative thoughts around my parenting and gave me the tools I need to manage my emotions when things feel hard.

I have a much better sense of my values, especially in relation to parenting. I feel like I know what is important to me which helps me communicate better with my partner (and enables him to play a stronger role in my daughter’s life).

Taking time for myself to explore my feelings around parenting has felt very nourishing. I loved my time with her!


Melissa helped me to look at the negative thoughts I was having about myself and work on creating more constructive thoughts that would help me not be so hard on myself. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning. She also broke down the way I was thinking so that I could see how it wasn’t serving me, and she taught me how to change it. I will definitely be using the skills taught to me by Melissa’s coaching in the future!


Melissa is extremely attentive and compassionate. She takes the time to truly understand what you’re going through and give you the tools to change the negative feelings around whatever it is you’re dealing with while helping you to develop the strengths you didn’t even realize you had. 

I liked how you heard and reflected back in a ‘new’ way some of the things I said. You are very skilled at introducing possibilities without telling me what to do!


Melissa is a wonderful coach. She has a very calming presence and “holds space” for you to work towards your own answers. She is an excellent listener and provides insightful questions that encourage you to get to the root of the issue. I felt greatly supported and finished our time with practical and actionable steps to take. I highly recommend Melissa as a coach!


Let’s grow!

Learning how to embrace mom guilt is going to lead to a more intentional life that allows you to savor this remarkable season called motherhood instead of feeling like it’s flying by.

Imagine feeling worthy and truly believing you’re a good mom even when you lose your shit and yell or when you serve chicken nuggets for the third time this week.

It’s totally possible.