About a year and a half ago I launched my internet home formerly known as Quotesting. It was about testing the status quo, making our one and only life intentional, and living it on your own terms. I blogged and attempted to mentor others for a while, but kept feeling called toward a narrower focus (namely, moms).

Ever since having my first child I’m obsessed with being a mom. And not the “OMG I love being a mom everything is so great!” aspect, but more of the fascination of learning all about the good and the challenging aspects that it brings into my life and discovering how I can be the best mom and intentionally develop an amazing next generation child sort of way. I find child development utterly intriguing and it brings a whole new spectrum of being a parent into focus.

So while I’d love to help everyone, I slowly realized helping moms is where I can add the most value and have the most impact. By stopping to question Quotesting and what it was I realized my true passion is being a mom and helping other moms realize it’s okay to do things differently.

Thus, the re-branding, re-focusing, and launching of Rethink Motherhood. It’s all about slowing down, simplifying your life, and connecting with your kids. Making them the priority and focusing on what truly matters. Being intentional with your parenting. Enjoying time with your kids and creating amazing memories together. Knowing that it isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. Keeping the long term picture in mind. Connecting with a community of like minded moms because we’re all in this together. And most importantly, savoring this precious season of our lives.

If this speaks to you, welcome! I’m excited to start this journey together and see where it takes us. I’d love to hear what you are struggling with the most right now. For me it’s feeling like I need/want more time to myself, but selfishly not wanting to give up time with my son in order to have that alone time. Can anyone relate?