I’m familiar with company mission statements, but never thought about my family as a company that should have its own mission statement. After reading a newsletter from my pal Joel about implementing this idea in his life (the original idea came from Tsh Oxenreider’s post detailing her process) I knew it was an idea I also wanted to integrate into our family’s life.

One recent Friday evening my husband and I sat down to follow Tsh’s template to create our own mission statement. By going through this exercise not only do you get to discuss deep topics that are important to your family, but you also get to design a guiding document that will make it easy to live your life with purpose. You are intentionally deciding what is most important to your family and creating simple statements to guide your decisions and actions.

We went through and talked about each question from the template and jotted our answers down on paper. After we had discussed all the questions we went back through our answers and broke the themes down into 4 basic statements. Here’s what we came up with:

We, the Cave family, believe that our purpose as a family is to be present and active in each other’s lives while consistently pursuing opportunities for growth both independently and together. We will accomplish this by:

  • valuing respect, simplicity, and intentionality as our main guiding principals
  • making our home a place of love, understanding, and joy
  • prioritizing presence over progress
  • and interacting with each other in a spirit of open minded selflessness

Referencing this mission statement makes it easier to make decisions. When something comes up that we are struggling with we can revert back to our mission statement and, after reviewing what’s most important to us, the decision often makes itself.

Another benefit my husband and I have already noticed from creating our mission statement is that we have been spending more quality time together. With a young child it’s easy to not make spending time together a priority. Once you have some quiet time (ie nap or bedtime for the child) you want to work on all the stuff you need to do. But then we read the “presence over progress” line and are reminded that those things can wait and that being present with each other and spending time together is more important than making progress on our other projects.

We’re going to print our mission statement and hang it next to a family picture so it’s a constant reminder of how we want to live our lives.

I’d recommend taking the time to sit down and work through these questions to solidify a family mission statement to be a guide in your own life. Let me know what you come up with!