You know those perfect days with your kiddos? The ones where everyone sleeps well and wakes up in a good mood and you proceed to have a wonderful day full of time spent together creating amazing memories? Everything seems to go your way and it almost seems too good to be true…ya, one of those days.

Now sometimes those days can be few and far between, but when they come, man they are to be cherished. I’ve discovered 5 things that make me a better mom and, in turn, make the likelihood of having these days greater. They are by no means all easy to achieve all the time and I’m still working on most of them myself. However, I’ve consistently found that if I can make these 5 things a priority, my days are much smoother and my mindset is better prepared to handle whatever the day throws my way.

Going to bed early

This one may be the most important (and most difficult) one to achieve. It’s most important because it make the other 4 that much easier to accomplish. I’ve always been a night owl myself, so by the time my son is asleep around 7:30-8pm I find it hard to make myself get there shortly thereafter. I’m excited to have some quiet time and do things I’ve been needing/wanting to do. However, I know that when I do make myself go to bed early and get adequate sleep I always feel much better when I wake up the next day.

Getting up early

This one is crucial for putting yourself in the right mindset. Imagine this (my ideal scenario) – I wake up refreshed (because I went to bed early) and have at least an hour before my son will wake up. I use this quiet time to think, meditate, and get some exercise in. Once he wakes up I’m feeling refreshed and ready to focus on him because I’ve already had time to myself. That sounds much better than the normal reality of my mornings where I hear my son wake up and think “not already!” and then drag myself out of bed half awake to go get him.


This one is pretty self explanatory, but making time for exercise allows me to be healthier, stronger, and have more energy to keep up with my little one. Not to mention burning off frustration and stress from the day, which is sometimes much needed!

Meditation/Thinking time

I’m an introvert, so having time to myself to process my thoughts is extremely important to me. If I go too long without making time for this I find myself getting frustrated and short tempered. Meditation brings clarity to my thoughts and actions and keeps me moving forward.

Quality time with my husband

It’s easy not to prioritize your marriage once the kids come along, but it’s a must. Your relationship was the foundation before the kids came along and you have to maintain that stable foundation to create a thriving family environment. Whether it’s quiet nights spent together once the kids are in bed, early mornings before they are awake, or a once a month date night – make it happen!

Self care is extremely important and by prioritizing yourself you will automatically be a more present and patient mom. These 5 things sound so simple, yet in practice I’ve found they are hard to maintain. I’m honestly still pretty terrible at most of them, but they’re a work in progress. I do know that when I make them happen the days are much smoother and more enjoyable!

Which item do you struggle with the most?