It’s mind blowing how much content is shared online every single second of every single day. In January 2014 over 86 million websites were built with WordPress alone. How many blog posts do you think that equates to?

I personally love to read. According to the StrengthsFinder test Intellection and Learner are two of my top five strengths, so it only makes sense. A lot can be gained by reading other perspectives and experiences. However, there comes a time when you have to be more selective about what you choose to consume as too much consumption leads to stress, anxiety, and depression.

When you consume more than you create there’s also the tendency to lose the ability to think for yourself and form your own opinions. There’s value in each person’s individual thoughts and opinions and keeping your own at the top of your mind is extremely important.

I’m not asking you to completely stop reading online content. I am, however, asking you to stop and add a pause before you read everything you come across and get click happy down the rabbit hole. Stop and ask yourself, “why am I reading this?” If you have a good answer, proceed. And don’t forget that much can also be gained by creating for yourself.

One last tip: Don’t hesitate to reach out when you do read something that resonates with you. So often we read something meaningful and enjoy it, but before we know it are off to the next click to consume another article. If you feel connected to something someone says, take the time to tell them. This can only help build relationships with the content creators you value and reap the rewards of online networking. We all want to feel like we matter and all have something to learn from each other so don’t be afraid to share the love!