Today marks my 31st birthday. As I’ve grown older I’ve always felt a little weird about this day. In the past I felt depressed and annoyed if things didn’t go as I expected or I didn’t get what I wanted. Now that I’ve grown older and much wiser and living intentionally is my highest priority, I feel strange being celebrated on this day. Everyone putting all the attention on me, calling me, texting me, giving me gifts, etc. makes me feel weird. I’m not saying that my fabulousness shouldn’t be celebrated 😉 but it just feels like another day to me.

I think the way birthdays should be done is to honor and celebrate your parents or caregivers, specifically your mom. She’s the one who was working hard all those years ago to bring you into the world. Doesn’t that deserve some celebrating in and of itself? Now that I’m a parent, I’d say it does indeed! Your parents also raised and presumably sacrificed for you for several years (whether you are aware of this or not) so I think it’s only fair.

Although my dad is no longer here to be celebrated on this day for his part in my creation, I will silently honor his contribution. Next I’ll tell my mom how thankful I am for her hard work 31 years ago and for all the other years spent raising me, too. Then I’ll do my best to enjoy all the attention, wishes, and gifts and be grateful I have so many people that love me.

What do you think about focusing on our parents or caregivers instead of ourselves on our birthdays? Will you honor those who’ve birthed and raised you on your next birthday?